According to Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post, Denver Nuggets small forward Danilo Gallinari has been suffering from a deep bone bruise on his left femur in the Nuggets loss to the Chicago Bulls that is very painful.

Gallo told the Post:

"My knee, it's painful," Gallinari said.

The veteran forward said "it's a deep bone bruise" that he picked up during the Nuggets' loss at Chicago on Wednesday night.

"I fell down bad," Gallinari said. "It's a deep bone bruise that I have on the femur, so the upper part of my knee. If I rest, it's going to go away sooner. If I play, it's going to stay there for a little bit."

As of now Gallo has chosen to play through the pain. Curiously, after being listed on the Nuggets pregame notes as having a "left knee strain". The last two games since his injury Gallo has played nearly 80 minutes (74). One would hope that the Nuggets medical staff/trainers or coaching staff will get to Gallo and insist he cut back his minutes. As of now Gallo tends to play the entire first and third quarters of the game. Hopefully Michael Malone will look to cut back the Nuggets leading scorers minutes until the bone bruise heals.

Would hate to see Gallo injured further with repeated long play.