Welcome to the debut episode of Garbage Takes. This is a new show on the Denver Stiffs podcast feed that will air every Thursday during the NBA season. Jena Garcia hosts a debate style show that pits two guests against each other. Several topics are discussed, arguing ensues, and guests fire off their best takes on the spot.

In this episode, Jena hosts Ryan Blackburn and Gage Bridgford, two Stiffs that love to argue, in a debate of the following topics:

  1. Is Giannis Antetokounmpo signing a super-max extension with the Milwaukee Bucks a good thing?
  2. The biggest crutch for the Denver Nuggets this season
  3. Which non-playoff team in the West is ready to make the leap?
  4. Will Barton has no interest in coming off the bench. Should he be a starter?
  5. Are the Portland Trail Blazers actually bad?

We hope you enjoy! Let us know how you like the new show!