Former Rocky Mountain News/Denver Post columnist and current radio host Dave Krieger sat down with George Karl for lunch and an interview. The former Nuggets coach had some interesting things to say about the current state of the Denver Nuggets as well as the Nuggets coach and front office.

On the development of Evan Fournier:

“When you brought Nate Robinson and Foye in, you killed Fournier. Your decision to bring those players in slowed his development. The coaches want to play Nate because he’s won games. Evan is learning how to win games.”

Karl spoke about Brian Shaw and what he perceived as Shaw knowing the championship path:

"…I’ve been on a path to a championship every year of my career. Haven’t gotten there. But that means I don’t know the path to a championship? Or is it, you have to win the championship to know the path? I think too much is now predicated on Brian Shaw being a championship player or coach, and he knows the path. Well, he’s never guided that truck down that path. He’s always been in the back seat…"

There was much, much more in a must-read interview with the former coach. Krieger, as always, does an excellent job with his interviews. Regardless of if you disagree, Karl has a viewpoint and he is definitely stating in in a very strong way.

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