Often times we get too caught up in analysis, breakdowns and even criticism when it comes to the Denver Nuggets. Every now and then its nice to take a step back from the game and realize that all these guys are people just like you and me (well…at least minus several inches in height and a far less profitable career path). Let’s take some time out to say congrats to Denver Nuggets power forward Darrell Arthur who welcomed in a brand new baby girl today named Charlotte!

That is one cute baby! Arthur and his wife have been major pillars in the Denver community and have said often how much they enjoy it here in the Mile High City. In fact, DA spurned other offers in free agency, potentially ones that were more lucrative, to re-sign with Denver on a very reasonable contract. Speaking from experience, there aren’t many better places to raise a little girl than right here in Denver. Everybody give a big shout out to DA. Congrats!