Here are some of the highlights from Darrell Arthur at Media Day:

  • on being close to going to the Clippers in free agency: "it was a tough decision to make, with this team I felt like I could possibly make a difference and help this team make it to the playoffs."
  • on getting to the playoffs: "it's my whole goal to get this team back on track," "with Malone and all the new guys we have, I think we can do it"
  • on defense: last year, "it was unacceptable," communication and defense are the main things to work on for this season
  • on offense: "we got some guys who can really score the basketball"
  • on team chemistry: "everybody seems anxious and happy," cited Jameer's get together was a great experience for the team to get to know one another
  • on multiple players coming back from last season: "they know what this team's capable of, we got the right players on paper, it's just putting things together," "everyone likes each other, wants to be around each other, that's a big key."
Stick around for part 2, where Arthur talks Malone, Mudiay and more