Danilo Gallinari has been all over the place this summer, be it with the Italian National team or giving radio interviews, or talking with new head coach Michael Malone in Italy.

It’s only a two minute segment so I’m not going to block quote anything, however Gallo goes into how he is prepared for this upcoming season and what he discussed with his new head coach Malone when he was over in the Italy with him. Additionally Gallo talked about the things that went wrong with the Nuggets under previous head coach Brian Shaw. Off the court issues and injuries disrupted the team’s chemistry according to Gallo.

Its interesting to hear Gallo talk about things that happened off the court, and one wonders if that is in reference to former point guard Ty Lawson and his issues throughout the season. Still, it’s nice to get some basketball talk happening as we lead up the season

Listen below to Gallo's interview