Danilo Gallinari had been in a bit of a slump heading into last night’s game against the Portland Trailblazers. A new starting lineup featuring Nikola Jokic, Gary Harris, and Wilson Chandler helped him break out of whatever funk he was in. The addition of Wilson to the starting lineup may have been especially helpful for Gallo. Wilson has been with Gallo for as long as Gallo’s been in the league, first in New York and now in Denver.

However, the biggest culprit to his big night might’ve been his fresh new style. For the last few weeks, Gallo had been rocking some funky facial hair. A new, clean shaven and baby-faced Gallo waltzed into Pepsi Center on Thursday and proceeded to dismantle the Blazers. It is well-known that Gallo is an attractive guy but he has a history of bad facial hair. It’s almost like he is so good looking that he is testing to see how goofy he can make his facial hair and still be more attractive than the rest of us.

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Whatever the reason for Gallo’s performance, when Gallo is on, the Nuggets roll. Check out the full highlight reel below.