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To be the Nuggets‘ Clutchman, Danilo Gallinari has to be known for being an ultimate team player, reliable, cool under pressure, diverse skill set.

I was happy to see Gallo remain with the Nuggets because I believe he's more than just a good player on the court. He's a leader in the locker room and a good influence for young players. With the Nuggets re-tooling and looking like they are getting younger, keeping Gallo around will be a benefit to each one of those young pupils.

Gallo has shown to be cool under pressure in a lot of situation. Let's hope we can soon see him get back to making shot like this one:

Those were the days!

And Gallo brings a very diverse skill set, too. He isn't just a scorer or three-point bomber – he can also wow with his court vision:

I think it's a good thing that the Nuggets have hung on to Danilo, at least for the time being. He is due $11.5 million next season, the last of the extension he signed with the Nuggets. We don't know if he'll be a part of the Nuggets long-term picture, but he's much more than just a basketball player for these Nuggets, he's the kind of guy you want in your locker room and representing your franchise.