Danilo Gallinari is not making any overtures toward the Denver Nuggets in the early days of free agency. While in Barcelona for an Adidas event, Gallo gave an interview to Altri Sport in Italian and Sportando summarized part of the clip, quoted below:

“Nuggets are not my first choice but they are exactly at the same level of the other teams. Denver’s advantage is that they can offer me a five-year contract while other franchises can offer me a four-year deal. Nuggets are at the same level of the others” Gallinari said.

Since Denver is almost certainly not giving him a five-year deal, Gallinari is searching for the right deal and the right situation. It may turn out that the right situation is back in Denver – and Gallo is saying he’s evaluating all teams equally – but any sort of home team discount or sweetheart deal seems unlikely. The entire PremiumSport HD clip from Altri is here in case any of the Italian Stiffs would like to translate it in addition to Sportando’s work.

With his injury history it’s unlikely he gets an out-sized, $100 million dollar deal, but it only takes one team to blow that theory out of the water. Considering some of the contracts that went out last year, and this year being the last one that so many teams will have this much cap room for a while, anything is possible.

In any case, what the market will bear looks likely to determine Gallinari’s future basketball home.

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