There are many names for the Denver Nuggets new direction, in particular their new lineup featuring Nikola Jokic and Jusuf Nurkic. Nuggets head coach has his own, and it is called “Balkan Buddy Ball” for the way that the two Nuggets big men interact on the basketball court. One thing is very, very clear from speaking with Malone during the preseason – he is a BIG fan of the two of them together on the court. Listen to what Malone has to say in the video.

Paul Klee from the Colorado Springs Gazette asked Malone about how to fix the Nuggets attendance issues at Pepsi Center. Truth be told there is NO simple answer. This is well and truly a Broncos town, and the Nuggets haven't exactly been helped out by any television coverage of their preseason games so far. Malone takes a nuanced view and understands that winning coupled with the ability to reach new fans coming in to Denver every year is paramount to building that base.

I also talk about the Nuggets preseason so far. What can we glean from the first three preseason games?

Enjoy the Video!