The Nuggets had a workout with Tyus Jones from Duke University on June 21, 2015 at the Pepsi Center practice court.

Jones had a great tournament, and in fact was named Most Outstanding player of the Tournament after Duke won the NCAA championship in April. The point guard worked out in front of new head coach Michael Malone and a bit of a skeleton crew of leftover assistants and scouts.

Observation: In the public portion of the workout, I was impressed by the form and structure of Jones' shot. Looked smooth and confident, and seemed to be nice on fundamentals. Didn't see too much "explosion" and Jones did seem a bit fatigued by the altitude, but as we say many times you cannot read too much into the public portion of the workout. It's more important to see how they interact with the media, and Jones did impress me with his attitude and professionalism.

Enjoy the video.