Stanley Johnson from the University of Arizona worked out for the Denver Nuggets on Friday, June 5th at Pepsi Center. In the video you will see Johnson’s shot as well as a dunk and interview.

Thoughts on Stanley Johnson from what I saw:

He is built like a tank. Very large player, very broad. Easily the most imposing I've seen in a player in terms of frame that I have seen come through the workouts so far. He appears to be athletic (although we didn't see them do many actual drills) and all the qualities he displayed at Arizona came through.

His shot concerns me. It's very slow and very forward from his body. While Johnson is square to the basket and doesn't "drift" his set in terms of mechanics is a off and will get blocked very easily in the NBA. The release point for the shot is right at eyeline and now above his head. It is something that can be worked on, and improved. It's one of the strangest forms I've seen for a shot up close. While Johnson made his fair share (as you can see) in live action it will cause him enormous troubles in the NBA unless he begins changing his mechanics.

Enjoy the video!