Taking y'all with me as we experience game day in Denver.

The Denver Nuggets won their third consecutive game on Monday night. Defeating the Dallas Mavericks 117-107. The positive evolution of the team the past week has been great to see and, as you will find out, is reflected in head coach Michael Malone’s demeanor after the game.

Much of what we do pre-game is not particularly glamorous. It involves a bunch of waiting to be honest. However you get to see some of the ins and outs in this video series, and a behind the scenes look at what goes on. In the future you will get to see exclusive interviews with Nuggets players/coaches and maybe some of the broadcast crew. One of the great things about covering games for the past 5 years is developing a sort of family-like bond with the people who are there day in and day out. Its one of a kind.

Hope you enjoy!