Danilo Gallinari put on a shooting display as practice ended today. It was the first time anyone had got a look at Gallo in what one could describe as “vigorous” half court action since his surgery. The video is the end portion of practice where Gallo was guarded by various Nuggets players who were trying to stop him on this shooting streak. Last defender was Arron Afflalo.

Afflalo has just gone on a shooting streak of his own just before Gallo did. Needless to say what we saw today at practice was extremely encouraging for this upcoming season. Gallo went full force, and didn’t show any soreness or tenderness (at least outwardly). It remains to be seen if coach Brian Shaw will play any of the “surgery” players during the game against the Phoenix Suns, but what we were able to see was extremely encouraging.

Watch the video and enjoy how encouraging it is.