The Denver Nuggets held their summer mini-camp before setting off to Las Vegas for Summer League today. In fact, today was the first of four days of mini-camp that will go on. Today we learned that recent assistant coach hire Micah Nori will be coaching the team in Summer League and Dee Brown of pump up the shoes fame will be helping him out while he is there.

Additionally, in a surprise Nikola Radicevic the Nuggets second round pick was in attendance today. A League Source told Denver Stiffs that Radicevic has been in Denver purely to rehab his hamstring and will no be participating in Summer League. Additionally, Nikola Jokic was not in attendance today because his contract is not yet official, but all indications are the big 7 foot Serbian center should be available for Summer League next week.

Emmanuel Mudiay, the Nuggets top pick this season, is the focus of today's CSG video. He also spoke to the press afterword and was very impressive with his maturity. Enjoy!