The Denver Nuggets are doing a great thing tonight. Through the efforts of General Manager Tim Connelly and Lisa Johnson (who has been with the Nuggets forever) the Nuggets brought back Lafayette “Fat” Lever to be honored at halftime of the Nuggets vs Los Angeles Lakers game tonight at Pepsi Center.

Let me just say that it's long overdue. The Nuggets history of honoring their past has been extremely lax, and until Connelly, Johnson (with the help of Denver Stiffs) honored the 20th Anniversary team last season it was barren. I can't thank the Denver Nuggets organization enough for doing this for the fans. There is a large segment of the fanbase who has needed to understand it's roots, and another that would love to see it's hero's celebrated.

Fat Lever has always been one of my favorite Nuggets players, probably third or fourth behind LaPhonso Ellis, Alex English and maybe Dikembe Mutombo. Fat made rebounding “sexy” (as Interim coach Melvin Hunt said) and made triple doubles routine. He had 46 in his career … the NEXT closes is Mutombo with 8 …. can you believe that?

Thank you Nuggets. This will be a night to remember in an otherwise dreary season.