Danilo Gallinari is ready.

The Denver Nuggets “wing” player (because, lets be honest specific and rigid positions in basketball is largely going by the wayside) sat down with the media at Media Day on Monday and covered a wide range of topics. Included therein, leadership, new teammate Emmanuel Mudiay, and where he will “play” during the season.

During his own press conference on Monday, Michael Malone spoke about Danilo Gallinari playing the 4 spot exclusively for his Italian national team. This lead me to believe that the Nuggets are maybe preparing everyone for Gallo playing a ton of 4 … which leaves interesting questions for other players who may happen to play that position on the court. We shall see though.

All in all Media Day, as always, was a great experience. This is the last of the media day videos, but this year will see more exciting videos from practice and post-game like last season. Be sure and subscribe if you haven't to be notified when a new video is uploaded.