Denver Nuggets GM Tim Connelly was good enough to sit down with me for a 10 minute interview as the Nuggets end another season, this time winning 7 more games than they did last year … finishing at 40-42.

Topics that are covered by Connelly today include:

What he feels about the team as they wrap up the season.

Nikola Jokic and his development

Gary Harris and his breakout season

Bringing players who fit next to Jokic and how to team-build with him in mind

The Future of Danilo Gallinari as it pertains to the Denver Nuggets.

There's many ways you can look at this Nuggets season. They won more games and were BETTER, but at the same time did things that were bad, started off the year poorly and it makes you wonder where they are at. The great news is they seem to have that foundational piece and that makes the future even better.