In a very interesting 20 minute interview, former NBA official Tim Donaghy spoke about his new venture, how officials are influenced during the course of a game, and other influences that may sway an official during the course of a game. A fascinating review of officiating in our favorite sport. However, Donaghy does hold out hope that a team such as the Nuggets can break through and win.

Nate, Ross and Jeff also discuss the beginning of Broncos free agency and the Nuggets recent 9 game winning streak. We also get into the big question: Should Carmelo Anthony be booed when he plays on Wednesday night as his Knicks face the Nuggets? Nate and Ross disagree with me about if they would boo Melo or not. Also, Ross has an amusing game of Headlines. Packed show.

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CSG 98: Tim Donaghy thinks the Nuggets could win NBA title

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