In this week’s Colorado Sports guys podcast — Ross Martin, Nate Timmons and Jeff Morton discuss many topics. Included within is some extensive Nuggets talk. What are the Nuggets biggest weaknesses; what are their biggest strengths going into the playoffs?

Additionally Ross has some headlines. Nate quizzes Jeff and Ross on sports movie trivia (Jeff completely fails). Jeff rants on, "These things that Jeff believes to be true", a segment that should be the most popular ever on Colorado Sports Guys, and the guys complain about people who complain about the weather … even though they were just complaining about the weather. We know it doesn't make sense, just roll with it.

As ever, thank you for listening to the Colorado Sports Guys podcast. We managed to make it, even through the treacherous mid-spring snow to podcast … FOR YOU! Now sit back, have some coffee and enjoy some podcasting brilliance!

CSG #103: How far can Ty Lawson carry the Nuggets in post season?