We've reached 100 episodes of the Colorado Sports Guys podcast! Pretty cool benchmark for us and for the show we welcomed in Sandy Clough to the palatial CSG studios.

We get into some bizarre headlines, talk Nuggets, the new age of journalism, and get to know a bit more about Mr. Clough – who has been in Denver sports radio since 1979. Sandy shares some stories about traveling with the Nuggets in the 1980s, getting close with Doug Moe, and former Nuggets president Carl Scheer.

This is really a must listen for some great perspective on Nuggets history and if you're interested in radio – Sandy offers plenty of advice and behind the scenes items about the work he was basically born to do. Lots of times you'll run into people who use a "radio voice" – as Jeff Morton points out on the show – Sandy's voice is his voice.

Click for the show right here: CSG #100 with Sandy Clough.

Please feel free to use this point for all your talking points today.