The time has come to give away the first Mozgov Militia t-shirt. You must submit your answer to my email: [email protected] to win (comments now open), the first correct answer wins, and best of luck. Click through for the brain busting question or questions …

We have our first winner! Jeff in Denver submitted the correct answer just minutes after the contest went live. Over 100 responses in the first hour alone! Mozgov Militia is growing! We'll have two more giveaways on and one tonight on the Colorado Sports Guys podcast that will be available to download this evening.

Since entering the NBA with the New York Knicks in the 2010-11, Timofey Mozgov has scored 15+ points three times and has three nights of double-digit rebounding. How many points and rebounds did he record on those nights and against which teams did accomplish those feats?

First person to email me the correct answers to [email protected] will be the winner of the first Mozgov Militia t-shirt.


The winner will be determined by Nate Timmons via email. I will need a follow up email with a shipping address and size preference of XL, L, and M. (In the event of a tie, I will ask each contestant a tie breaking question via email.)

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