Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post interviewed Nuggets General Manager Tim Connelly about his plans for the offseason. One quote stands out above all others in this interview.

When asked about how big this offseason is for the Nuggets:

"It's huge," Connelly said of this offseason. "We came here with pretty high expectations and certainly didn't meet our internal goals. This summer, we're going to go all-in and try to take the next step."

By "all-in," Connelly means this: "I've already let all the other guys in different front offices around the league know that we're open for business. … If you really study our team, we have a lot of flexibility."

This indicates that the Nuggets may indeed bee looking to hit a home run in this offseason more than we initially thought. Also, Matt Moore of CBS Sports had this to say about those same quotes to Chris Dempsey:
Their biggest issue is the cap space they have tied up next year. They have movable contacts, but moving their most difficult, JaVale McGee, might be the priority. There’s no way to know if we would have seen the same improvement from JaVale McGee that we saw from Kenneth Faried by year’s end under Brian Shaw, but there’s also been no indication of an improved level of maturity or work ethic from McGee beyond some early season flashes.
It will be interesting to see where the Nuggets go from here. It’s shaping up to be an incredibly intriguing off season. Will the Denver Nuggets trade for a piece that makes them that much better? it remains to be seen.