With the fourth pick in the 2015 NBA draft, The New York Knicks select- Justise Winslow, Foward, Duke.


The New York Knicks had a disastrous 2014-2015 season. Carmelo Anthony was Injured for the second half the season, Andrea Bargniani was on this team, and a bunch of nobodies filled the rest of the roster. I passed on Jahlil Okafor because Anthony is on this team, so the idea of defense is already at a premium on this Knicks team. The Knicks finished 28th in defensive efficiency this past season, besting only the pathetic Los Angeles Lakers and woeful Minnesota Timberwolves. Winslow comes in and solidifies the wing position and replaces the inconsistent Tim Hardaway Jr. at shooting guard. Justise brings the defense which is a foreign concept to this New York team. Not only can Winslow defend his man, he can score pretty reliably as well. Has very fluid shooting motion, NBA three point range, and is relentless driving to the rim.

When you look at the New York Knicks roster, front office philosophy, and coaching philosophy. You see a pattern of incompetence and nepotism. But they're still the Knicks who play at Madison Square Gardens which is one of most storied arenas in the NBA. The 2015 NBA Free Agent class is loaded with bigs (Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, Draymond Green, Greg Monroe, etc) who would probably welcome a max salary. The Knicks organization knows this and won't hesitate at all in drafting Winslow. This kid can defend positions 1-3 (and probably some svelte power forwards like Kenneth Faried) and bring flexibility as a small forward in a small ball lineup with Melo at PF. His leadership, defensive ferocity and surprising offensive game will be a fantastic addition.

I see Winslow as an Andre Igoudala that can score reliably and doesn't turn the ball over as much (dishing out 'Dalas). If the Knicks are thirsty on pure basketball talent then they'll take Okafor. But if Phil Jackson really tries this time around, he'll take the all around better player in Justise Winslow.

*Derek Fisher was asked how Winslow fits into the triangle. He responded, "The triangle?…What the heck is that?"*

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