With the 5th pick of the 2015 NBA draft, the Orlando Magic select Kristaps Porzingis. Forward, Latvia.


Porzingis is a lengthy, athletic big man at 7-feet that runs the floor and is capable shooting from three point range. He is a high level shooter, shooting 38% from three and and 43% in catch and shoot situations this season (DraftExpress). Porzingis also has the athleticism to run in transition. He's more than capable at handling the break and attacking the basket. Defensively, he has the potential to be a great shot blocker showing timing and instinct. The knock on him is that he's very skinny and could stand to gain some strength. He won't be able to guard stronger power forwards and centers yet. Porzingis also doesn't show much skill at rebounding the ball, averaging near 4 rebounds per game.

However, the Latvian big man still shows tremendous upside. In the pace and space era the NBA is in today, having a big man that can stretch the floor is still a valuable commodity. He's still young at 19 years old and could develop into a great player in the right environment. Right now, I can see him either driving to the paint, in transition, or staying out on the perimeter and spotting up for threes until he builds enough strength to play in the post.


The past couple years, the Magic have drafted athletic, but weak offensive, players. This year, I have them drafting a player that can actually shoot. With regards to the roster, the backcourt is already set with Elfrid Payton and Victor Oladipo as point guard and shooting guard, respectively. Aaron Gordon is being converted to a small forward and Nikola Vucevic is holding the center position. The only uncertainty the Magic have is at power forward. Tobias Harris is a restricted free agent, Channing Frye is getting old, and Andrew Nicholson had a down year.

The wiser move would be to draft Porzingis and have him fill in the role of Channing Frye as he develops. Porzingis can stay out on the perimeter and be a threat as a stretch four while the backcourt can drive and kick or Vucevic can post up. Overall, he'd be a great addition offensively to stretch the floor while his other teammates can work the paint.

*Upon hearing the news of Orlando drafting Porzingis, Stan Van Gundy demanded a trade back to Orlando…so that he could attend Universal Studios on a daily basis.*

Mr_RyMo and the Sacramento Kings are on the clock.

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