The Denver Nuggets kicked off media day with a nearly 45 minute press conference with head coach Michael Malone, general manager Arturas Karnisovas and President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly. The trio covered a ton of topics over the 45 minutes but the most notable were:

  • Coach Malone talks rotation, what spots are set, what are up for grabs and how many players he plans to use in the rotation
  • Coach Malone and Tim Connelly talked about the recent political strife and how they plan to address it with the team and what they will or will not restrict players from saying about politics (spoiler alert: they’re not going to hold them back).
  • Arturas talks about Dwyane Wade and why last year it made sense to pursue him but maybe this year it doesn’t
  • Coach Malone talks about a newly formed leadership committee among his players and how he plans to approach them.