Michael Malone and Tim Connelly just held their presser for Media Day. Each of them had some very interesting quotes, including stuff on player/coach relationships, flexibility with roster, and hatred for losing.

  • Connelly on team: had a full gym the last two months, really speaks to the players on the roster
  • Malone on relationship with players: "made it a point to reach out and get to know as many guys as possible," wants to get to know them as people first, players second, went to Italy to spend time with Gallo while he played in EuroBasket, relationships with players is more important than xs and os
  • Connelly: stated that years 1 and 2 are important in determining who you are as a player
  • Malone on who's setting himself apart as a leader: "Jameer Nelson sets himself apart as guy that's taking on a leadership role"
  • on Mudiay: "big strong, gifted point guard who is going to make everyone around him better," said he's a better shooter than advertised, the key is getting him to take good shots
  • Wilson Chandler will not play the shooting guard position much, Faried will not play center much
  • on Faried: "seemed like everytime (Sacramento Kings) played Denver, Faried dominated us," said Faried wants to expand his game to work on low post
  • on Faried shooting threes: "not a fan," but stated you have to reward guys that work hard
  • on losing: "should not be accepted," Connelly aded that "Coach Malone, Josh (Kroenke) and I are too competitive to win less than 20 games."
  • on Nurkic: reminds him of Cousins, can't wait to get him back
  • on what to improve on for next season: will try to limit number of times opponent goes to free-throw line, "when you do that you slow the pace down"
  • on patience: "we have to be patient, it's a new coach, new coaching staff, new point guard, a lot of young players."

Tim Connelly also stated he's always looking to improve the roster. Mike Miller anyone?