Karl_medium 9news.com is reporting that Nuggets coach George Karl will miss several games due to another battle with cancer. 9news.com streamed a live news conference at 7 p.m. with the coach.

Andrew has detailed about Karl the man and all the good he has done from paying coaches out of his own pocket to helping his son through cancer. Our thoughts are with our coach.


At the press conference Karl said his doctor found a lump in his neck about six-weeks ago and after further testing he has been diagnosed with a form of throat and neck cancer. He will undergo an intensive radiation and chemotherapy program that he said would last roughly six-weeks.

Karl wasn't totally sure about the time he'll be away from the team, but he said he will likely miss the February 25th game on the road against Golden State as well as the March 10th game in Minnesota. More than likely Karl will miss plenty of additional dates, but his health needs to come first. The coach said he will address the media during this process and also asked for his privacy during this time as well.

(Story from Ric Bucher of ESPN on the situation)

(Great quotes from Karl in this 9News story)"I don't think I'm a guy that needs sympathy but I do need support," he (George Karl) said. "I think I'm very blessed to have a great family and an organization that has supported me through all of this, and great friends, and a great team, and I will need all of them."——-

"My belief is my team is a championship team and I want to do anything and everything I can to help them continue on the quest that we all want," Karl said.


Karl said he thinks he's looking over a championship caliber team and that his staff is one of the best in the NBA and he is comfortable with his staff presiding over the squad. Basketball should be one of the last things on the coach's mind, but for a basketball lifer like Karl I'm sure his players, assistant coaches and other members of the organization mean a great deal to him.

I'm sure many of us know from our pasts that a team can be really good for you when you are stuggling through personal issues. I can remember growing up and having various teammates and coaches dealing with all sorts of dilemmas, your team is like your family and the support they offer whether it's just allowing you to escape for a while or helping you directly cope with what ails you, can be immense.

Karl dealt with prostate cancer back in 2005 and helped his son Coby through thyroid cancer less than a year later. Having to go through more treatment will be difficult, but with the support of his family, his team and the city Karl is in good hands.

Here's to a speedy and healthy recovery George.




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