I was married once before, for a decade. Given that it ended, I'll not bore you with exactly how. Suffice it to say it was never a particularly good thing, save a couple of beautiful daughters. When the ex and I went to our one-and-only counseling appointment, she arrived with no ring on, spent the first 10 minutes asking the counselor about divorce attorneys, and then got up and left.

After about 20 seconds of stunned silence from both the counselor and I, I finally said, "Huh… I guess this may not work out, then."

We both laughed for five minutes. Sometimes, it's just best that it's over.

Your 2014-2015 Denver Nuggets came into the season with high hopes and playoff aspirations. Here’s a look back at some of the aggregated facts, foibles, data, achievements (and lack thereof) of this year’s squad.

“I’m happy to be back in Denver, I got some very familiar teammates. I believe this is a championship team under the right mindset and coaching.”

Arron Afflalo, re-signed Denver Nugget for four months and three days. July, 2014

Speaking of former Nuggets, your opening and closing day starters this season:





Ty Lawson

Ty Lawson


Arron Afflalo

Gary Harris


Danilo Gallinari

Danilo Gallinari


Kenneth Faried

Wilson Chandler


Timofey Mozgov

Jusuf Nurkic


Brian Shaw

Melvin Hunt

Two out of six ain't bad (ugh)… And to be fair, Faired was only out to be rested for the last game of the season.

Did you know? This season's 30-52 record ties the same mark and winning percentage (.366) for the ninth-worst in Nuggets history.

A happier Did you know? Ty Lawson had his second-best season scoring total (1143) and career-best assist total (720), breaking the Nuggets single season assists record of 714 held by Nick Van Exel.

Oh, hell… ANOTHER Did you know? Nick Van Exel’s full name is Nickey Maxwell Van Exel. I swear.

Stat: Even with some rough patches, Melvin Hunt saw a marked improvement in winning percentage (.435) than Brian Shaw's sophomore campaign (.339). Let's hope Hunt or whoever takes over next season can get the Nuggets back to things far North of that .500 Mason-Dixon.

Did you know? Denver has never had a winning percentage above .700 as an NBA team. The record-setting 57-win squad clocked in at .695. However, in the ABA, our Denver Rockets had consecutive .700+ win squads in 1974-75 and 75-76.

Gallo! In the last 10 games of the Denver Nuggets season, Danilo Gallinari put up 205 points.

Happy New Year, Rook: From December 30th through January 9th, Jusuf Nurkic had a six game stretch in which he netted 75 points, 19 blocks, and 46 rebounds. Kid had a few pretty moments this season.

Hunting for Hunt: Finding out more about Melvin Hunt’s playing days (in college at Baylor) is like finding photos of the Loch Ness Monster. Spotty evidence exists, and no one much seems to remember what they saw. The nuggets of data about Hunt are scarce. Until he’s a Nugget.

Longest losing streak this season? Seven games. Winning streak? Five. Twice.

Pretty Ill: Wilson Chandler's 1085 points were the third-highest season total of his career, and his 475 rebounds were the best of his career by 30.

WINNING! Denver's record did float above .500 twice this season. At 1-0, and at 9-8. The latter was on the first of December. Downhill ever since.

It was a hell of a year. Somewhere, the Nuggets front office mines the lines for Denver’s next head coach, and Danilo Gallinari’s neck beard was a symbiotic alien that could only survive by growing over the jugular of its human host.

A weird, tumultuous, ugly, maddening frustrating season.

Sometimes, it's just best that it's over.

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