Last night on the Afternoon Drive with Les Shapiro and Tyler Polumbus, Chauncey Billups talked about the Denver Nuggets and his interest in joining the team in some capacity in the future.

On working for the Nuggets

"If the right role was available -€” and I've always made known, I haven't been quiet or private about it at all."

"I've always had a passion to run a team, to put together a team. That's always been a passion of mine. I think I could do a phenomenal job at that."

On coaching

"I think I could also do a phenomenal job if I wanted to coach. I've seen it all -€” been around great coaches, bad coaches, great teams."

On the NBA Finals

I expected Golden State to win that game, first game at home. But I am (disappointment) in how it happened. I was very disappointment in Cleveland's effort, man, it's just like there was no resistance, no fight. It was like they were playing in a early in the season, regular season game.

On keys to game 2

I'm one of the guys that believes Lebron James, he's the most dominant force in the game, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, he needs to have the mindset that he had last year when Kyrie went down. Go and just dominate. I think he needs to be attacking with the intention of scoring the ball.

There's a lot more to the interview and his comments about wanting to work in a front office are very interesting. He's made his thoughts known before but he seems even more direct in his interest in working with the Nuggets at some point down the road. Were his comments a critique of the current coach, GM, or of Josh Kroenke? Possibly, but it's kind of hard to tell if he means to come for one of those jobs or rather to work alongside those guys. But it is clear that he has confidence in himself and has a lot of interest.

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