Chauncey Billups went on Vic Limbardi’s Altitude radio show and talked about a lot of interesting things. Billups, who was low-balled offered the general manager position in Cleveland but declined, talks about the interview process in Cleveland and how he did not talk to LeBron James before declining the Cavs’ offer. He also talks about the Kyrie Irving news and what it means that he would want out of a winning situation. He had an interesting perspective on the situation that means even more coming from him.

“That’s unfortunate, man, because he’s a special talent. And in my opinion, so much of what he’s been able to accomplish on and off the floor…he’s been the beneficiary of having LeBron James, man.”

“That would be alarming to me if I was a team looking to get him. Because, if it’s all about winning…I mean, you’ve got a chance to win every single year, man. Every single year you’ve got a chance to win. And not only that, you’re getting everything you want. You’re getting all the shots you want. You’re playing for a great coach that’s letting you go to work. Game’s on the line they’re coming to you. You’re playing on TV every week. To me, I don’t get it.”

Toward the end, he heaps praise on Tim Connelly and the rest of the Denver Nuggets front office and the job that they have done rebuilding the roster. He is also a HUGE fan of Paul Millsap.