Arturus Karnisovas, Lithuanian basketball legend and current assistant GM of the Denver Nuggets, is still under consideration for the general manager job for the Brooklyn Nets, and might even be the front-runner. If he wound up taking the job, the Nuggets would have a front office position open and might have a familiar face to fill it: Chauncey Billups.

Billups has been interested in the business side of the league since before he retired, and has even had talks with the Nuggets about a front office future before. Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post has more recent quotes from the Colorado basketball legend and recent number-retiree with the Pistons:

Billups still wants the chance to join a front office.

“I still do have those aspirations,” Billups said. “I’m not just going to jump in anywhere. I would like for it to be a nice situation, a good situation. And if it comes, that’s fine, I’ll look at it. And if it doesn’t that’s fine, I’ll be okay.”

Considering Billups still has his family in Colorado and would not have to re-locate in order to take the position with the Nuggets, it makes for a very nice fit. Denver has been talking with him about the situation for several years now, and Billups and Mudiay have a situation somewhere between mentoring and friendship already, making Chauncey's addition all the more valuable if the two are in the same building all the time.

If Karnisovas does leave for a well-deserved promotion, don't be surprised to see Billups named to replace him. The Nuggets could do far worse than replacing an international hoops legend with a domestic one.