In this episode of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I dive deep on Gary Harris’s skill as a cutter and shooter and talk about why that is such a valuable skill next to Nikola Jokic. Then I discuss where he can improve on the offensive end, namely, with the ball in his hands.

Defensively, Harris is a bit of an enigma. He entered the league with the reputation as a three and D type of player but last season, he was among the worst rated defensive players in the league. He mixes incredibly strong and quick hands, great effort, and a sturdy frame with slow feet, a limited reach, and a tendency to lose focus. So is Harris a great defender? And can he become a great defender? That is the big question hanging over him (and the Denver Nuggets) as he enters his fourth season.

Lastly, as I have done for all of the players in this series, I predict his stat line this season.

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