The Nuggets draft picture just became a little murkier.

There were rumors floating around that University of North Carolina point guard Ty Lawson had been given a promise from the Nuggets that they would draft him with the 20th selection. Both Lawson’s camp and the Nuggets denied the rumor and yesterday we found out that it was indeed a rumor as Lawson withdrew his name from the draft.

Even though the 20th pick was thought to be a little too high for Lawson it did seem to be a good fit as Lawson excels at leading the fast break and playing at a fast pace. At this point I have not really decided who I would like to see the Nuggets target with their pick.

All I knew was that I was not comfortable with drafting Lawson with the 20th pick. My number one issue with him was he is not a good perimeter shooter. Between Andre Miller, Anthony Carter and Junior Harrington, I have had enough of point guards who cannot hit an open 20 footer.

The facts that Lawson was happy with one good performance at the Orlando Pre-Draft Camp that led him to sit out the last two days, was busted for underage drinking while being behind the wheel of his car and his no show at a workout for the Nuggets caused me to loose even further interest.

As someone who was worried the rumors of a Nuggets/Lawson connection were true, count me relieved he will be playing another year at North Carolina.