The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Brooklyn nets have agreed to trade forward Thaddeus Young to the Indiana Pacers for the 20th overall pick in this year’s draft and a 2nd round pick in a future draft.

Thaddeus Young has the exact same contract as Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried and is a fairly comparable player so this may be a bit of an indication as to what Faried’s value might be around the league. However, Faried has better advanced stats than Young and is also younger with less NBA mileage so odds are he would be worth more on the trade market.

The Pacers have been among the league's most active teams, already trading away George Hill for Jeff Teague yesterday. With a new coach in Nate McMillan, they appear to be headed in a new direction. They have a pretty exciting team with Teague, Paul George, Thad Young, and Myles Turner to build around. Quite an interesting group.

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