What? Football? Well this is Denver after all and everything stops for the Broncos when they are in the playoffs. Wonderfully convenient time for the Nuggets to be on a 4 day break eh?

Not much going on in the NBA world. Pau Gasol … looks like he had a TON left in the tank. It makes you wonder about the coaching profession in the NBA and the whole “square peg round hole” aspect to things. Pau clearly didn’t thrive under Mike D’Antoni in Los Angeles, but since he has come to the Chicago Bulls and their slow-it-down, grind it out system he has thrived. He put up 46 points and 18 rebounds last night. He had 28 after one period!

It makes a difference I suppose. Some players just don't fit certain types of approaches … and you know what that is ok! It tells us that systems DO matter, and players who fit those systems matter.

Outside of that. Go Broncos. I don't follow football like I used to when I was a kid, but I still want the Broncos to win every week. Also, I want them to win because this town becomes a miserable wreck after losses, particularly in the playoffs. For the sake of life being ok in Denver, the Broncos MUST win I tells you! MUST!