Denver Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw addressed a few topics at this mornings shoot-around in preparation of tonight’s game against the Utah Jazz. This blogger is excited to see Trey Burke in action and how the Nuggets play coming home from their extended road trip for a little home stand.

Brian Shaw on being ready after road trip:

"One of the things we talked about was us getting back used to the altitude here after being gone for 9 or 10 days, whatever it was. Just getting two practices under our belt, when it seemed like maybe we hadn't practice in a month – where we had a real practice, in watching film there was a lot of slippage in our mechanics and fundamentals in how we do things, especially defensively. Practicing is the only way that you can remedy that. These two days were good for us to get back to the basics and the fundamentals of what we try to do out there on the floor – reteach the technique and get the muscle memory to get back in order. So, hopefully it'll show up in our play tonight."

Shaw on Trey Burke:

"You have a point guard who has a good feel for the game, although he is a rookie has a real good feel for the game and a good understanding of the game. He'll keep the defenders on their toes and keep pressure on the defense."

More from Shaw on Burke:

"I watched quite a few of their [Michigan] games in the tournament last year. I don't think it was a coincidence or a fluke that they got as far as they did with Michigan because of his play at the point guard position. At that position, being an extension of the coach on the floor, I think he takes pressure off a lot of the other guys. He sets the table for them, makes it easier for them. He's in a position when guys are coming off clean off the screens to deliver the ball on time. When their bigs have good post position, to be able to get the ball inside to them. As well as when he comes off pick-and-rolls being able to hit that pocket pass and be a threat offensively, as well.

"When I watch the game, that's what I come away with when I watch film on him. He has a good feel for the game and a good understanding of the game and that can't help but make it easier for his teammates."

Changes for the Jazz from the previous game in Utah:

“They made a change, the last time we played them [Enes] Kanter and [Derrick] Favors were both starting at the four and five. Now they’re starting Marvin Williams, which gives them – and bringing Kanter off the bench, better spacing, better shooting out there on the floor. We also didn’t see Jeremy Evans. He’s another lively body that’s always looking for lobs, just his activity creates problems for the opposing teams. We made sure our team is aware this is a different Utah team than we played the first time. They’re playing a lot better, they’re playing with more confidence, and we’re going to have our hands full.”

On Jordan Hamilton's good shooting on the road trip and if Shaw says anything to guys in slumps:

"No, I think that it'll come back full circle. Guys who can shoot the ball go through stretches where the ball doesn't go in for them. But you just have to keep the repetition, which [Hamilton] does. And just keep putting yourself in position to get those open shots. The averages will catch up. He's a great shooter, believe it or not the thing that we were having the biggest problem with him was getting him to shoot the ball when he was open and not pass up shots. I think he has got a better understanding now of what we're asking. Also, even when he's not getting the shots, teams are not leaving him as much so now it opens it up for everybody else because they have to honor the fact that he can knock down that shot. Particularly late in the games, which he did in Philly as well as in Washington."