As of 10:21am Mountain Time today, the Denver Post's Chris Dempsey tweeted the following:

This news shouldn’t be surprising for those who follow the Denver Nuggets as Shaw has struggled both with wins and losses (56-85 to date) and his overall handling of the team.

We'll dive into the Shaw Era and what this means for the Nuggets immediate and long term future in further detail later today as we gather more information.

In the meantime,’s David Aldridge is reporting that assistant coach Melvin Hunt will be the Nuggets interim head coach for the remainder of the season. Apparently the Nuggets are following my playbook from Monday’s column!

And as of this afternoon, the Denver Nuggets released an official statement on Coach Shaw's dismissal, including this line from team president Josh Kroenke:

"On behalf of everyone in the Denver Nuggets organization, I would personally like to thank Brian for his services the past two seasons in Denver. He is a champion and a gentleman and I wish him nothing but the best for himself and his family moving forward. Since we purchased the franchise in 2000 we have constantly strived to field a competitive team, culminating in 10 straight playoff appearances and a franchise record 57 wins in the 2012-13 regular season. Expectations have been raised and we want more. "This season our management staff has remained patient and supportive as decisions of this nature are never taken lightly. Patience is encouraged, as long as the organization continues to show progress toward a greater goal. However, competing for championships is our goal, and therefore we decided to make this decision now and look forward to conducting an extensive head coaching search upon the season's conclusion. This has been a trying season for all of us, and we appreciate Nuggets fans continued faith and patience as we build our proud organization back to the NBA's elite."