During the #EVOLVE2018 event tonight, the Denver Nuggets used the opportunity to unveil the uniforms they will wear for the 2018-19 season.

The white jersey will serve as the Association uniform, the navy with white trim will serve as the Icon uniform, and the royal blue will serve as the Statement uniform.

Additionally, all five new logos have been posted from the Nuggets Twitter account.

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Our own Adam Mares, Zach Mikash, and Brendan Vogt were on the ground at the closed door event, and they captured some real time pictures and impressions of the party, the reveal, and the reaction.

Josh Kroenke spoke about what the jerseys and rebranding process meant for the city of Denver as well, via Chris Dempsey of Altitude TV.

Here are some other specifications on each uniform and logo (ignore the snark from Mr. Rovell).

I personally enjoy each of the three uniform designs, and each of the logos has something different to offer, especially the new red primary logo, the pickaxe, and the skyline.

Josh Kroenke on the unveiling and upcoming offseason decisions

What do you think Nuggets fans? Do you like the new threads?

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