Well, it's the NBA offseason, so that means players are either partying, traveling, picking fights, or in the case of #BosnianBeast Jusuf Nurkic, getting in the gym with the intention of destroying the NBA, physically.

"Know that the PAIN will pass, and when it does you will be stronger #BosnianBeast" is a downright terrifying sentence.

Imagine someone whispering this in your ear, for example.

It sounds like something Bane would croon as he breaks your back. "See…I was born in the darkness. You merely adopted it. This pain, too, shall pass. And when it does, Mr. Wayne, you will be stronger." Crack, break, shatter, snap.

Anyone who refers to them self as "Bosnian Beast" should be treated with a certain, profound sense of respect. Either way, Nurkic is coming for you, NBA.