Good old George Karl is even curious as to whom everyone is picking as he peers up to the jumbotron for all the blogger and expert picks.

Nuggets Bloggers:

  • You know I have Denver in 6.
  • Andrew at Denver Stiffs, in the spirit of the summer, has broken out the flip-flops by first taking the Lakers in 7, then re-reviewing himself and taking Denver in 6.
    Jeremy at Roundball Mining Company thinks, "This is going to be an uphill battle and there are plenty of reasons to be concerned, but not all uphill battles are lost." Though he takes the Lakers in 7.
    Nick the Nugg Doctor has written his prescription and says Nuggets in 7.

Johnny at Nuggets' Nuggetz also is taking the Nuggets in 6.

Lakers Bloggers (Thanks to Timbo for the heads up on the UPDATE:


The Experts:

  • J.E. Skeets of Ball Don't Lie likes the Lakers in 6.
  • Yahoo's Kelly Dwyer likes the Lakers in 7.
  • Now for ESPN's crew of knuckleheads
  • True Hoop's Henry Abbott likes the Nuggets in 6
  • Talking head J.A. Adande takes the Lakers in 7
  • Chris Broussard likes the Lakers in 7
  • BBall expert Chad Ford takes the Lakers in 7
  • The formula guy John Hollinger will go with Nuggets in 6
  • Tim Legler, shoots another long ball and sees the Nuggets in 6
  • Jalen Rose hates his former team and takes the Lakers in 6
    Chris Sheridan likes the Lakers in 7
  • Marc Stein ventures to guess Lakers in 7

David Thorpe is also a fan of a long series and likes the Lakers in 7.
So for those of you counting at home:

  • We have 8 votes for the Nuggets, including homer Nuggets bloggers and a Lakers blogger!
    And there are 14 votes for the Lakers (one of which comes from a Nuggets blogger)
  • And then there is Jeremy who is undecided … I'll update if he makes a selection today.

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