Tension can be found in all relationships—the good and the bad—but everyone knows that when you don’t talk about the issues, the tension only grows. That is exactly what is happening in the Denver Nuggets first round matchup against the Portland Trailblazers. Not only have these two teams had several trades between them but one player they didn't have in the 2019 series, Carmelo Anthony, is now a major piece off the bench for Portland. And boy, is it heating up.

In this episode, Jena and Reilly dig into the first two games of this series and all the drama that lives between these two teams. You will hear their takes on the next two games that will be at the Moda Center in Portland and what adjustments have worked so far. One thing is for sure: this series will not disappoint. It didn't in 2019, and the tension has only multiplied since.