In case you missed it, we partnered with jersey designer Wade and Williamson to create this awesome retro inspired Denver Stiffs jersey. Honestly, someone over at Nike should probably start consulting with W&W. The NBA city edition jerseys, the Denver Nuggets version included, could use some creativity and inspiration. At least as fans we have the option to wear a much cooler jersey. There in lies the rub though my friends. The Polychrome jersey is only available until this Monday November 27th and then it’s gone. Don’t miss out! Since it’s black Friday you’ll also get 20% off on purchasing the jersey today if you use code STIFFS20 at checkout. With Christmas right around the corner this is a fantastic gift for the Denver sports fan in your family or, let’s be honest, it’ll be a nice gift for yourself. The jersey is available with multiple different numbers and in both embroidered and sublimated versions.