As I expected, with today being first day for free agents to sign their contracts, the Denver Post’s Benjamin Hochman reports that Chris Andersen will officially be back with the Nuggets.

Chris Andersen and the Nuggets have agreed on a five-year contract that could earn Andersen up to $26 million, the player’s manager, Mark Bryant, said Tuesday night. This locks in one of Denver’s most popular athletes for the next half-decade.

“We’re ecstatic to stay in the community,” Bryant said.

Andersen will make $3.7 million next season in his backloaded and incentive-based contract, which will help the Nuggets financially.

I like the sounds of this deal because of the words "incentive-based" … meaning that Andersen will be asked to work hard for the money and knowing his style … he wouldn't have it any other way.

How do you feel about the five-year $26 million deal starting at $3.7 million for the 31-year old forward/center?

This deal means the Nuggets now have $2.1 million left of their MLE as well as their $1.99 million bi-annual exception.

Also, the NBA Salary Cap numbers are in and they have decreased. The salary cap for next season is set at $57.7 million and the luxury tax threshold is set for $69.92 million. This means that for ever dollar the Nuggets are above the $69.92 million threshold, they'll have to match dollar-for-dollar.



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