Ah, Bill Simmons. A man who’s obvious Boston homerism is reflected in his new column/self-mailbag where he proposes Kevin Love land in Boston … because you know … that’s what he does.

However, of Nuggets note, he talks about the deluge of teams looking to either trade up, down or out of the draft completely and speculates what I would call a unique idea for the Nuggets. As follows (emphasis mine):

If you’re the Lakers, would you flip no. 7 and Nash’s expiring for Lopez, then roll the dice that you just landed a top-five center for two years? If you’re the Nuggets, wouldn’t you have to consider Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore, Derrick Williams’s waivable contract and no. 8 for Lawson? If you’re Charlotte, wouldn’t you shop that no. 9 straight-up for Al Jefferson’s old buddy Millsap, or maybe Monroe or Afflalo? I think two of those teams are making a move.

This is the first time I’ve seen someone, publicly, speculate about the Nuggets moving Ty Lawson. It’s an … interesting proposal that may get people talking just a bit. I don’t think it makes much sense for the Nuggets OR the Sacramento Kings … but it’s interesting nonetheless and it shows there is definite interest in the Nuggets point guard.

What do you think Stiffs?