The Denver Nuggets’ mascot, known as Supermascot Rocky, is regarded as the best mascot in professional sports. His ornery attitude has earned him quite the reputation with Nuggets fans, and he’s a regular celebrity during home games at the Pepsi Center. Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I’ve always found Rocky to be hilarious—mostly because he’s a little bit of a jerk.

Rocky has been known to squeeze in between a couple on a date, he makes fun of crazy fans, pushes little kids around, and regularly finds some opposing fan to throw popcorn or cake on during a game. There’s also a particular police officer who has an uncanny resemblance to Elvis, and Rocky can’t help but make fun of him any chance he gets.

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Rocky has also been involved in a few very public feuds with players from opposing teams. Because it’s Friday, here’s a quick look back on some of Rocky’s most famous rivalries.

Los Angeles Lakers

Maybe it’s because the Lakers organization is also in the Western Conference, or maybe it’s because they’ve been so good in the past, but the Nuggets have somewhat of a rivalry with Los Angeles. There are quite a few Lakers fans in Colorado so it stings when there is more purple than blue at the Pepsi Center when the Nuggets host the Lakers at home.

One night in particular, Rocky decided to insult the Lakers starting lineup announcements by setting up a lawn chair to read the newspaper near the Lakers’ bench. Rocky’s display was quickly trolled when the team huddled up around his chair to get hyped for the game.

Charles Barkley

Like many others in the NBA, Rocky has also had his fair share of run-ins with Charles Barkley. Barkley has a reputation for having a pretty bad attitude, and he’s usually the one starting the fight. I will be honest and say I’m not a huge fan of Barkley’s takes as a commentator on TNT. I think he’s overly negative and harsh, and he can’t ever be quiet about how his era of NBA was better than today’s NBA. *Dramatically rolls eyes.*

Given that Rocky can be somewhat volatile himself, it’s only natural that he and Barkley would get along much like gasoline and fire. There have been several occasions where Rocky has challenged all 6’6” 251 lbs of Barkey to sparring match ending with Barkley knocking Rocky to the ground with little trouble.

Russell Westbrook

Most recently, Rocky has developed quite the contentious relationship with Russell Westbrook. It all started when Westbrook blocked one of Rocky’s famous half-court shots as he was working to entertain the home crowd.

Rocky has not forgotten that moment, and works to pick fights with Westbrook any chance he gets. Rocky decided to get a little too close to Westbrook during a timeout in an effort to get into the Oklahoma City Star’s head a little before the Oklahoma City Thunder captured the 110-104 road win against the Nuggets.

This season Rocky could have a whole new rivalry brewing as the Nuggets now have two of their previous starters starting for different teams. The Jusuf Nurkic drama is still a little fresh, but I would love to see Rocky pick on him a little—just to be petty.