Here is the best deal that our partner TiqIQ is offering for Game 1 Nuggets seats …

We're all excited that the Nuggets are in the playoffs, and we're excited to try and get you to Pepsi Center to channel our collective excitement. Thanks to our ticket partners, TiqIQ, and their exclusive integration with Flasheats, we have an AMAZING DEAL on 10 tickets. Only 10. They're in section 353, which is a three-row section ALL TO ITSELF below the upper 300s. You can get them for $52/ea, which is $30 less than anything in the secondary market.

It's like a MINI-BOX, for you and up to 10 friends. This is also the only 10 together available, so MAKE IT A PARTY for you and 9 good friends. If you're the boss, take the office for a Pepsi Center off-site. Whatever you want to do, though, do it quickly because these will be gone soon.

If you need more detail, see a screenshot what the seats look like and a screenshot of what Betty from accounting could look like in the seats. Click The Golden Deal to get these now: