According to Ken Berger from, the Warriors free agent interest doesn’t only extend to the much talked about Dwight Howard, it also may feature Andre Iguodala:

One person briefed on Golden State’s cap-clearing efforts told that the team is intent on clearing room regardless of Howard’s decision. If Howard says no to Golden State, the Warriors are expected to use the room — if successful in moving contracts — to chase another max-level free agent such as Denver forward Andre Iguodala, the person said.

Make no mistake, due to their precarious cap situation the Warriors would have to clear a tremendous amount of contracts in order to sign one max player, let alone two. It's an enormous mountain to climb and will be extremely difficult to pull off. However, it does lead you to a couple of disturbing questions.

How far back does this interest from the Warriors extend? Does this also explain the tremendous delay in decision from Iguodala? We don’t know. It stands to reason that both Iggy and fellow free agent Josh Smith are waiting for Dwight’s decision before they make a decision on their own futures. We cannot jump to conclusions about this unrestricted free agent’s desire to stay with the Nuggets because things are complicated.

Yet, it does make you wonder what's going on in the mind of AI…