The 1988 Olympic games were a fond memory of mine for one reason – Canada's Ben Johnson vs. USA's Carl Lewis in the men's 100 meter sprint. The two sprinters had been battling for years and finally had their chance to face-off in the Olympics. Ben Johnson got out to a quick lead and never looked back. And the rest is history …

Johnson's Gold Medal was taken away from him after he tested positive for steroid use. The Gold went to runner-up Carl Lewis and Johnson wasn't heard from in the racing world again. It was never really clear if Johnson was using steroids just to beat Lewis or if he was using them to come back from two recent injuries to his legs. Johnson's trainer claimed that the sprinter had been using the juice since 1981. No matter how it went down, Johnson infamously disgraced the sport on that day back in 1988 in Seoul, Korea.

I will always remember that race, it has marked some sort of timeline from my childhood. An innocence lost perhaps. Probably not the best Olympic moment, as far as the games are concerned, but one I remember well.

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