In this very unique episode of the Locked on Nuggets podcast, I am joined by Airiana Lenarsky, a writer, singer, and Tarot reader for the Ringer’s Emmy nominated digital show “NBA Desktop.” In segments 1 and 2, Ariana explains how she became a Denver Nuggets fan last year by sheer chance. She also shares he quest to find Robota, the Witch who the Denver Nuggets hired to place a hex on the Indiana Pacers during the 1975 ABA Finals.

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In the final segment, we ask what the Nuggets need to do to ever win an NBA championship and pull a tarot card to discover what answers the deck might have in store. You don’t have to believe in the magic of tarot to enjoy the segment. As Ariana explains, it’s all about fun and you can take it as seriously as woks best for you to enjoy it. But it’s a fun bit and she does a great job sharing a part of her personality throughout the whole thing.